The 127th Canton Fair Will Be Launched Online From Mid To Late June

Dear overseas buyers, exhibitors and relevant parties involved:

Thank you for your attention and support to the Canton Fair!

On April 7, the Chinese central government decided that given the global pandemic, the 127th Canton Fair would be launched online from mid to late June. We will invite companies from China and around the world to exhibit their products online. Powered by advanced information technology, we will provide around-the-clock services for online product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations. On our Internet-enabled international trade platform for quality and speciality products, Chinese and international businesses can place orders and cut deals without the hassle of travel.

We will be in touch with you through our official websites,,, social media and emails on the latest information.

By joining hands we will prevail over this pandemic!

China Foreign Trade Centre/Hunan Raco Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

April 8th, 2020.

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SH300 Ventilator

Technical Parameter:
Type: Pneumatic electric control.
Display screen: 10.4-inch touch LCD screen.
Battery: Lithium battery, can supply power for more than 2 hours.
Graphic display: Waveform: pressure-time, flow-time, volume-time Ring
diagram: pressure-volume, flow-volume Safety pressure of pneumatic
System: ≤125cmH2O.
Optional air compressor

Main setting parameters
Tidal volume: Range: 20 ~ 2500 mL;
Inspiratory time: Range: 0.1 ~ 12 s;
Breath-holding time: Range: 0-50% (relative to inspiratory time);
Pressure trigger: Range: (PEEP-20cmH2O) ~ PEEP 0 cmH2O;
Flow rate trigger: Range: 1 ~ 20 L / min;
PEEP / CPAP: Range: 0 ~ 50 cmH2O;
Pressure support: Range: 0 ~ 70 cmH2O;
Pressure control: Range: 5 ~ 70 cmH2O;
Oxygen concentration: Range: 21 ~ 100%;
High pressure level: Range: 0 ~ 70 cmH2O;
Low pressure level: Range: 0 ~ 70 cmH2O;
Pure oxygen ventilation: Pure oxygen ventilation for 2min.
Exhalation hold: When you press and hold this button, when the ventilator turns to exhalation state, close the inspiratory exhalation valve until the button is released or the longest does not exceed 15s.
Inhalation hold: When you press and hold this button, the ventilator will switch to the breath-holding section after completing this inhalation until the button is released or the longest time does not exceed 15s.
Manual inhalation: When you press and hold this button in the exhalation phase, the ventilator automatically triggers an inhalation.
Freeze: After pressing this key, the waveform stops refreshing, and press again to activate.
Atomization: The time can be adjusted from 0 to 60 minutes.
Keyboard lock: Lock the keyboard to prevent misuse.
Main monitoring parameters
Parameter description
Inspiratory tidal volume: Range: 0 ~ 4000 mL;
Expiratory tidal volume: Range: 0 ~ 4000 mL;
Min ventilation: Range: 0 ~ 40 L / min;
Autonomous minute ventilation: Range: 0 ~ 40L / min;
Spontaneous breathing frequency: Range: 0 ~ 40 bpm;
Total respiratory rate: Range: 0 ~ 100 bpm;
Peak airway pressure: Range: 0 ~ 80 cmH2O;
Average airway pressure: Range: 0 ~ 80 cmH2O;
Inspiratory platform pressure: Range: 0 ~ 80 cmH2O;
Minimum airway pressure: Range: 0 ~ 80 cmH2O;
Inhaled oxygen concentration: Range: 18% ~ 100%;
Compliance: Range: 0 ~ 150mL / cmH2O;
Airway resistance: Range: 0 ~ 50 cmH2O / (L / S);
Positive end expiratory pressure: Range: 0 ~ 80 cmH2O;
Breathing ratio monitoring: 1: 10 ~ 10: 1;
RSBI (Shallow Fast Breathing Index);
Autopeep (endogenous PEEP).

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Our Company Has Obtained The Second-class Medical Device Operation Qualification

Due to the recent outbreak of the global epidemic, the demand for masks and other anti-epidemic materials in foreign countries has greatly increased, and the export of masks has become a hot topic. Strict inspections have led to uneven quality in the mask market. Some companies have just left the factory and did not complete the process in order to meet the deadline, and then sold them overseas. This seriously affects the interests of companies that strictly abide by European and American production standards. And our company has obtained the second-class medical equipment business qualification, we can export masks, protective clothing, hand sanitizer, testing reagents, temperature guns, disinfectant and other medical products. Large quantity and good quality, welcome to consult.

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My Company Has A Mask Export, Welcome To Consult

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, The face masks have become the “first line of defense” for personal protection in the face of shortage of global supplies. Masks have become a hot topic in the world and have always been a topic of concern. Many people are troubled about it.

Our company has qualifications related to the import and export of medical products. At present, we can export masks with sufficient supplies, stable prices, and reliable quality, Looking forwards to your email about it, Hope Raco can solve your problem.

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