Warmly congratulations to new 2019 version website EVAPAPER.com

Our advantages:

  • Robot BizRaco is an auto quickly reply online chatting software, and it can provides 7×24-hour service.
  • E-catalogue can browse company products at any time, to learn more about product colors, materials and packaging methods.
  • DDDTALK is an online chatting tool we provide with customers. Once registering and logging into the EvaPaper website, customers can publish texts, pictures and videos freely, easily discussing with Raco Family and quickly getting products and industries information, knowing the designs, development and functional applications on the latest product.
  • News: You will acknowledge the company’s development and operation in a real time, and grasp the latest industry consultation.
  • Ordering: It is convenient to place orders online directly, getting the real dynamics of orders, timely payment and delivery, simply and convenient operation.
  • Newsletter: Please submit your e-mail address there, we will send our new products and latest news to your mail box automatically on time.
  • EvaPaper website interacts with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., to facilitate interactive sharing of products, pictures, videos, news and other information timely.
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